Mission Control

Our Objective is simple in nature

We create cool products to sell cool people to help us give back to cool causes while living our dreams in the process.  When customers buy from any one of our brands, they know they are doing their part in helping us reach someone in need.  We are pretty open about giving in the hopes that other companies will start to do the same.

We design, build and formulate products mostly in the health and wellness niche.  We currently specialize in supplements, skincare, and the pet markets but have experience in many other categories as well.  Our main area expertise, our “secret sauce” if you will, is our approach to operational efficiencies, e-commerce, and multi-channel marketing strategies.  Basically, we know how to generate a ton of sales online with a small team.  From an idea on a napkin into the hands of a happy customer.  This is what we do for fun.

This business model allows us to have enough time, money, energy, and resources to help a lot of people.  This includes our own employees and families, along with people we’ve never met before.  We don’t want to make a difference, we want to make a big difference.

Josh, founder

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